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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What Is The Purpose Of A Quit Smoking Blog?

I have been thinking about what prompted me to start a quit smoking blog. What exactly is the purpose of blogging about quitting smoking? Why not just quit?

I have tried quitting smoking many times and obviously have been unsuccessful. I would like to know the reasons for my past failures to quit. Each time I tried, I truly thought I was ready.

There are two huge factors to quitting smoking. One is the physical addiction. The other factor is the mental addiction. I truly believe it is the mental addiction that has held me prisoner. That is the purpose of my blog.

Sometimes when you have a problem it helps to write it down... sort of like a diary. Putting things in writing can help bring a new perspective to a situation. It can help to clear out the cobwebs in your mind and shine some light on the situation.

I am hoping to accomplish this with my blog. Maybe I can work out the mental addiction by figuring out what part of smoking my mind is holding on to.

Possibly something I say will inspire someone else. Or, maybe a visitor will leave a comment that will inspire me. You never know what that one thing might be that will lead to success. You know the saying "Misery loves company". I prefer to think of this as "Optimism is contagious"!

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