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Thursday, January 17, 2008

It Is Just Time To Quit

I had my second hypnosis session yesterday. I feel like this one was better than the first. I felt more relaxed and possibly "hypnotized". It really is hard to decide if I feel like I was hypnotized or just relaxed. My guess is that if I have to contemplate it so much, I was not really hypnotized.

So far, the hypnotism has made no difference at all. The therapist asked me how I have done the last week and I told him that I had nothing to be proud of. He seemed surprised to hear that I have still been smoking. I sure hope that I am not his only patient to fail!

There are still three more sessions left. I am not holding out much hope for hypnosis to be my magical answer. If it was going to work, I think I would see signs of it working by now.

I admit that I have put no effort into quitting at all. Here I have started this blog to help myself and to help others and have not even tried. What am I thinking?? I WANT to quit, don't I? Yes, I truly do. I just wish I could figure out what is holding me back. What is it in my mind that so tightly holds on to these things?

Right now, I have about three cigarettes left in my pack. It is snowing out and I expect that school will be let out early today. I have no plans of going out to buy anymore. This just has to be it!

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