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Friday, January 11, 2008

Is it really Friday

Wow, on top of trying to quit smoking it has been a busy and very stressful week. I have been regreting coming to make this post. Last night I broke and cheated.
So unfortunatly I have smoked a total of 3 times this week. I am pretty upset with myself but more upset that my Daughter caught me.
I am back on day 1 of not smoking. I am grounded from playing XBox all weekend and I now have to do the dishes tonight after dinner instead of her.

Well, I fell off the wagon but I ran and jumped back on. At least I can say I have not bought a pack in 5 days.

So day one - redo
I am not as bad off as I was on the origional day one. I actually bought a bunch of cany cane's that were on sale and have eaten about 6 of them.
Hopefully, I will stay on the wagon this time. I want to play xbox and didn't want to do the dishes tonight.


Kelly said...

Hey, don't be too hard on yourself. It sounds like your daughters are taking care of that part, hee hee. Sorry, not trying to make light of it but your post was funny. Not the fact that you smoked but the visualization of your punishments. You are lucky to have such tenacious daughters. Maybe this re-do will be easier this time.

Mandy said...

It's ok Dru. Everyone falls off of the wagon now and again. It is really funny that you are grounded though. That would be like me being grounded from email. Keep up the good work and be thankful that you have such great kids.

the ringleader said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. It can be a struggle to quit especially when you crave them so much. I haven't had a smoke in going on 4 days now and notice the times I reach for one out of habit. I do know as long as you crave it you will have a hard time quitting. You first have to convince yourself that they are disgusting and that you want no part of them and it becomes easier. This is not my first time to quit. I stayed quit for over 20 years only to start back up when I was in a depressive cycle with my bipolar. Now this time I wasn't even really wanting to quit but my friends are quitting so I decided to see if I could go a day without smoking and it has turned into 4 days now.
Anyhow watch when you feel yourself reaching for that smoke. You will notice that it is more of a habit than a need. I catch myself reaching for one every time I click on something and am waiting on it to load. So far I have resisted the urge to follow through though even though I have 2 open packs in my pockets right now. Try and convince yourself that you really do not like cigarettes and it will be easier on you.
Best Wishes,
Coleman (aka the ringleader)

Dru said...

Yes you are all right it is very funny that I, a 33 year old father, is grounded by an eleven year old...

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