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Friday, January 11, 2008

My First Quit Smoking Hypnosis Session

I had my first hypnosis session on Wednesday evening. While I was driving to the appointment, my quit smoking theme song "Time For Me To Fly" by REO Speedwagon came on the radio! I took that as a great sign considering that is an old song that you don't hear very often.

The appointment went fine. During the hypnosis, I had to wear a pair of glasses that have flashing lights and also a pair of headphones. There was music playing and the therapist talked into a microphone that goes to the headphones. When he first started talking, I really had to control myself so I didn't start laughing. It just sounded funny and dramatic.

Was I actually hypnotized? Well..... I am not sure. I was very relaxed. I felt quite sleepy but heck, I am always tired anyway. I was able to imagine the images he spoke of such as being on a tropical island. My mind did wander a little bit but that is supposed to be normal.

You are supposed to come out of the hypnosis feeling very refreshed. I still felt tired and could not stop yawning all the way home. For the rest of the evening, I felt kind of sleepy and out of it. My husband claims to have had a conversation with me that I have absolutely no recollection of. I just discovered that yesterday.

The strange thing is, I slept very poorly that night. I kept waking up and it took awhile for me to fall back asleep each time. That is extremely unusual for me. I also had a throbbing headache that added to my being unable to sleep. I would have thought that I would have had a restful and peaceful sleep that night. Could the flashing lights in the glasses possibly have caused my headache?

Do you feel that I am beating around the bush? Isn't there a burning question related to this post? You probably want to know....... have I stopped smoking??????


This is how it has gone. I have been smoking less. I will think of having a cigarette and then realize that I don't really want one. A little later, I will think of it again but put if off. By the third time I think of having one, I do. I see this as progress because my usual cigarette is now delayed by about an hour and a half. Therefore, I am smoking quite a bit less.

Also, I find that I am not particularly enjoying the smokes. They kind of taste nastier than usual. They make me feel gross once I am done.

This was the first of five hypnosis sessions. I believe that with each session, you will smoke less and then not at all. Of course, it would help if I threw the darned things away and didn't buy anymore. My husband pointed that out to me last night. Thanks for the clue Sherlock. I guess I was just hoping that the hypnosis would make me not even consider having a cigarette no matter what.

I still have high hopes for the hypnosis. I need to make much more of an effort myself. The fact that I am able to easily put off having one when I normally would leads me to think that it has had some effect on me.


Enforcer said...

Good going Kelly, progress is progress. Way to go!!!!

Kelly said...

Thank you! Your comment to Dru was very supportive. I appreciate your participation :)

Jack Payne said...

If you are down to only 3 cancer sticks in a week, the hypnosis will probably--eventually--put you over the top, Kelly. If it worked for the famous heart-throb movie actor, Cary Grant, who smoked 4 packs a day, it will probably work for you.

For me, well, at age 82 I've been smoking 62 years. But, am I, really? In 1963 (some 45 years ago) I resolved to keep my input under 10 a day. Then it dropped down to about 5 a day. Now it's only 3 a day, just after meals.

They say smoking stunts your growth (sure enough, at 5' 10" my growth stopped--at about the same time I started smoking(age 20). And, I've been told over and over that smoking will shorten my life.
But, after this long stretch I am no longer going to worry about it.

If in doubt, remember the North Carolina State Motto: Tobacco is a vegetable.

Kelly said...

Lol, thanks Jack :)

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis said...

I'd venture a guess that you just didn't "click" with this particular hypnotist, no? Being comfortable, and trusting of the hypnotist is crucial to the process. I'd wager that there was something that set you off and shook your confidence a little bit, thereby making you question the effectiveness of the treatment.

As for your poor night of sleep and headaches - it absolutely could have been from the lights, but equally it could have been from how the hypnosis was administered. Ever wake up too fast, perhaps from being startled, and find you have a headache? Though you're not "sleeping" while hypnotized, your senses are definitely narrowed and focused on one thing, thereby cutting them off from perceiving others - if you are ripped out of that too quickly, you could wind up with a headache...

I'd suggest you try it again - clearly there was some improvement! I think that you may just need to find a hypnotist or hypnotherapy program that you feel better about working with.

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