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Friday, January 25, 2008

Smoking…what does it really cost?

Yesterday had been a better day on my not smoking. That was until I got a call from the mechanic shop…They were calling to let me know how much it was to fix one of our cars. $453.45 was the grand total.

I got to thinking, if I wasn’t smoking what all could I buy, with cigarettes just at $5.00 per pack?

• 4 packs = one month of internet service
• 10 packs = dinner at a nice restaurant
• 90.69 packs = fixing my car
• 392.99 packs = 7 day, 6 night hotel and airfare in Cancun
• 4574 pack = ’07 Saturn VUE Green Line Hybrid

The cost of this nasty habit is really sad when you think about it.

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amander said...

I'm with you on this! I've only really felt the pain this month as money has been tight, but $5.00 a day is insane. Why do we put outselves through it? :)

Mandy said...

Amander ~ Who knows why we do? I have posted before, that when cigarettes were $1.25 per pack I said that if they ever got up to $2.00 per pack...I would quit. Now they are $5.00 and I am still smoking, trying to quit but still smoking. Depressing isn't it.

Wilson Pon said...

For Mandy, I'm know is not an easy task to quit from smoking, but at least you have try and I believe that you will success one day...

Mandy said...

Wilson ~ I will quit, I think that it will just take some time. I am not going to give up this time.

Niro said...
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pericles said...

Well, I have stopped smoking back in September. It was not easy but I used an important weapon. I was chewing nicotine pastilles with minty flavour. I never expected to work but they actually did.

Mandy said...

Pericles ~ I have been thinking about adding the nicotine gum. Glad that you were able to quit =)

NinjaCowboy said...

Hello All:

I just found this blog today while searching for ... exactly the same type of community that this seems to be.

I'm 28, have been smoking since I was 13 or so, and am quitting because of my doctor: either no more smoking or no more birth control pill.

Not the best motivation, I'm sure, but I know I'm not ready for kids (yet - if ever), and I like the convenience & security of the pill.

She gave me this ultimatum back in November, and only renewed my prescription for 3 months instead of a year. I was reluctant, so I set my quit date for only a week before my check-up appointment. But I have been preparing myself for some time.

Because my doctor wants to put me on Chantix, but some of the "rare" side affects concern me due to a family history of mental health issues. So I want no part of that.

I got the starter pack of nicotine patches that you can get for free from www.nysmokefree.com if you live in New York State.

Got them in the mail last week and read everything that came with them.

I started today. My last cigarette smoked was last night before bed. I have stocked myself with hard candies, celery sticks, suckers, and it hasn't been that bad.

I know it will get worse after 8 weeks when the patch goes away, but I hope to have broken the mannerisms of smoking by then, so I only have to fight one battle at a time.

My worst time today was when I was driving home from work. I had a sucker, and whenever I pulled it out of my mouth, I kept grabbing it as though it were a cigarette.

I have a general feeling of restlessness and .... wrongness... but nothing I can't handle - so far. But it's only Day One.

I'm so glad I found this place - it seems like such a great little community!

pericles said...

Good luck Kelly, or kalh tyxh as we say in Greek:)

I do not know if the patches work. I did not try them, but the pastilles did work. The habit of having smth in your mouth is very strong/.

NinjaCowboy said...

Thanks for the Well-wishes :)

But - having seen how things are "said" in Greek, but not being familiar with the pronunciation of things - do you have a "hooked-on-phonics" version of that I'd at least have a chance of pronouncing?

Thankfully, my *very* supportive (and non-smoking) bf is willing to help. He works in a hospital & is going to get me some medical tape to keep the patches on during a shower. He also plans to let me kiss him whenever I need an oral ... distraction - even if he has homework. (Yeah - he's working full-time AND in school to be a math teacher). So he's gonna get even less sleep than usual for supporting me through this.
That's not all - he's the one keeping me supplied with hard candies & cut-up celery and carrot sticks to get me through the day.

Methinks I'm quite a lucky girl...

pericles said...

Well, I can try but I suck with phonetics.

Anyway. its: kali tixi

All the 'i',s have the sound like 'idiot'

Good luck with giving up

amander said...

hey its me from the first post again (haha). These comments inspired me to write a post on my own best excuses for quitting smoking. You can see it her, but here's the list:

1. you can't quit if you're going on vacation (smoking is fun!)
2. you can't quit if there's an outdoor activity coming up (still fun!)
3. you can't quit if your friends at work smoke (bad influences!)
4. you can't quit unless someone is quitting with you (moral support!)
5. you can't quit in the middle of the day (or once you've already had one)
6. you cant quit if your house still has butts in the ashtray (too tempting)
7. you can't quit while you still have a full pack (can't waste it!)
8. you can't quit if all of your friends still smoke (who will you hang out with?)
9. you can't quit while your sweatshirt or jacket still smells like cigarettes (just gross)
10. you can't quit on a weekday (atleast not if you have a regular routine job during the week)
11. you can't quit if you have a stressful morning (self-explanatory)
12. you can't quit in a familiar smoking environment (aka, wait until you move)
13. you can't quit if you didn't know your last cigarette was your last cigarette, becauuuse...
14. you can't quit if you don't savor your last cigarette
15. you can't quit by any means other than cold turkey (nicorette gum sucks)

My own personal best excuse is:

> 16. you need a full nights sleep of detoxing before you quit (easier on the nerves)
combine that with
> you can't quit while you still have a pack of cigarettes

and here's why i say i'm going to quit every night, and end up smoking the next morning.

because even if it's 11pm at night when i run out of cigarettes (thus setting me up for a morning with no cigarettes), i'll still go out and buy a pack to last me the rest of the night, BECAUSE:

> you can't quit in the middle of the day (or at night in this case).

which brings be to the next morning, where:

> you can't quit while you still have a pack of cigarettes

Logical, huh?

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