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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day 1 - It has only been a day!!

I really wish I could respond to rhe comments from my posts but since I am doing all of this from my handheld I may have to play around a little first.

So first things first... I made it from waking up this morning until now smoke free. 12 minutes till day one is over. I will not give up. This is to important to my daugters.

I did feel like I was missing something all day. The triggers that I had tracked the last week were dead on. I really had a hard time driving by the gas station to pick up a pack. I do think driving is going to be what drives me into the looney bin:
1. Since I started smoking at such a young age I have never driven without smoking.
2. I usually have a cup of coffee or Mt. Dew in the car with me. My second addiction, they go SO good together.
3. 90% of my time in the car is without my kids.

I have heard people talk about the "triggers" in the past I never realized the you could have a trigger inside of a trigger.

I do have a few benefits for quiting right now that is helping me. (I am mainly posting this to remind myself.
1. My children are very manipulative.
2. I am excited to quit a very long part of my life.
3. My children are very concerned, and manipulative.

I do not know if it the excitement of quiting or a side effect in itself, but I have had a lot more energy than usual and I am having a hard time sleeping. Which is really surprising because I have had about half my coffee intake than I usually do.

Thanks for the comments everyone. BTW, The Pillow Addiction is the next goal (that is a great post Ghostly)

$4.35 saved today.


ModelElaine said...

This is a great blog idea. I am a smoker, but I am kinda weird. I can go without for days, but then some days smoke like a chimney, depending on other activites in my life, like say in the summer I ride a bike everywhere, do I don't smoke. But then it gets cold and I start smoking a lot LOL

Kelly said...

Thanks Modelelaine. You are lucky that you don't smoke "full time". I wish I could go without smoking for days.... SOON!

Kelly said...

Good job Dru! Keep it up :)

Mandy said...

Dru, congratulations on your first day! The first three have always been the hardest for me. The car is a big trigger for me also, it didn't used to be until I got my first job downtown and had to spend 45 minutes to a hour and 1/2 in the car, it drove me nuts! Even though, I no longer work downtown (or at all) the habit is still there. My husband has a long drive to work and started taking the train to work. He has been much more relaxed since he started doing that. I don't know if they have a train or bus system where you are but I thought that I would share the idea anyway. Kelly mentioned this before, breathing helps as well. My dietitian told me to breath like small babies do. Babies breath through their tummies. I will see if I can find the information on it and post it. Keep up the good work =)

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