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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Two days of Smoking Left

Last night I made a great attempt at cutting back on smoking before Monday gets here. The pipes froze in my apartment yesterday so me and the kids went to my parents house. GG (the kids Great Grandma) is visiting so after dinner we sat around and played cards. This means that after eating and helping the dinner cleanup I didn't go out for my ritual Cancer Stick.
About 5 hours later when the little one was asleep and my older one was getting ready for bed I grabbed my coat and started to head outside. Now came another situation that made me realize how important this is to my daughter. GG started with her lecture about not smoking like she usually does and my oldest came in the room and said, "GG, he can smoke all he wants right now without anyone yelling at him, so please leave him alone. Monday we can all yell at him." Now GG may only be 4 ft. tall but believe me she is a scary woman at 89 years old. I was very impressed that my 11 year old felt strongly enough about this contract to yell at her Great Grandmother.
Part of the contract that me and my daughter signed states, "Prior to the date above no one is authorized to comment on the smoking habits, unless this poses health or saftey risk to those around Dad. After the date choosen above Dad is not authorized to get mad or upset if someone throws out, or destroys any tobacco product or reminder of a tobacco product."
It looks like this is going to be held up 100 percent on her end and is ensuring no one ruins the deal.


Mandy said...

It sounds like you should be scared =) and it doesn't sound like a deal that you can back out of.
So far, I think that me, you and Kelly are starting (stopping) on Monday. Hopefully with this support we can all finally quit for good.

Kelly said...

Ummm, I am not sure I am stopping tomorrow. I would like to check out this hypnosis thing first. I am hoping to make an appt. for as soon as possible. I really want to succeed this time so I might as well at least give this a shot.

Mandy said...

If I still have this migraine tomorrow, I might put it off a day too. I have had this one since yesterday.

Kelly said...

Migraine... ugh! I hope you feel better soon!

Mandy said...

It is finally getting better. I think the crazy weather here triggered it =( It was 80 yesterday and cold the day before and now it is 70....

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