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Friday, January 4, 2008

The Past Week - Preparing

4 Days until I Quit-

It has actually been longer than a week since my daughter pulled my Heart strings and got me to sign the contract to quit smoking.

Every day quiting has been on my mind. I have noticed that quiting is going to be very painful and I can honestly say I am scared of the thought that in just a few days I am going to lose the comfort I have had since the age of 9.
I am not only a smoker but I am also addicted to chewing tobacco. I started chewing at age 9 and began my smoking habit around age 13. That is a total of 24 years of experience with Tobacco products. It is kind of amazing but very scary that my daughter is now 2 years older than I was when this adventure started for me.

That has been my main thought this week, "I can barely remember a time that I haven't had Nicotine to comfort me." The closer I get to the QUIT DATE the more fear I have. But then again the more excited I get.

I am going to let you all know that as a single parent and the only adult in my house I am going to have a few benefits at home. I do not have to worry about the trigger of someone else in the house smoking. I also have two very persuasive (manipulative :D ) daughters that are showing a lot of concern and support for me.

So far in my travels of the preparation to quit smoking I have realized when I smoke.
Before getting in the shower in the morning, as soon as I drop the kids off at before school care, once more on the way to work. Once I am at work it is usually after the morning meeting and whenever I finish a project. At lunch it is as soon as I leave the office and as soon as I leave where ever we eat. After work is where I believe I have the least triggers since I do not smoke around the kids. I have noticed that the drive home I usually have 2 in the 20 minute drive but sometimes 3. I may have one between getting home and the kids go to bed. This, I noticed, is only if I am on the phone. Once the kids are in bed then I am your typical chain smoker. I do also have the one chew per day and that is at night while watching a movie in bed.

My next step is to figure out what to do at the times I am used to my Nicotine fix.


Kelly said...

I am not one to give advice since I still smoke. But, this did help me get through some cravings in the past... breathing exercises. If you are having a craving, take 12 slow deep breaths in a row. I find that it did help a lot. It also helps get more oxygen in your body which has been depleted for so long due to smoking.

phlembol said...
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phlembol said...

I went through this myself a few years back and recently made this post detailing my method for success.


I wish you luck and strength.

Kelly said...

Thank you phlembol, I read your post and it was really good. Thanks for sharing and for the support :)