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Monday, February 4, 2008

Quit Smoking By The Almanac

Okay, I all but disappeared for awhile there. So has my focus on quitting. Lately I have not been putting forth any effort into quitting smoking.

I have stopped the hypnosis sessions. They were having absolutely no effect on me at all. I think hypnosis could be very useful to quit smoking if you find the right hypnostist. Apparently I did not find someone who could help me. I cannont justify spending more money to find another hypnotist so I am giving up that idea.

Now, none of what I said above changes the fact that I want to quit smoking. I do plan on quitting and just need to find the right time. Someone who reads this blog has periodically emailed me with support and advice. He has suggested to look at the almanac for a good day to quit.


NinjaCowboy said...

Ooh - that's encouraging. My official quit date was 1/28. So far, so good.

Still on the strongest step of the patch though. But only for 2 weeks, not four. A friend got them free too, the next step down, but they made her sick. So switching to the ones she gave me after my free supply runs out.

Have you tried yoga/meditation? You seem drawn to alternative methods, and that's a cheap one. Just $10 or $20 for a beginner video. I'd recommend "Yoga for Dummies". It helps with the stress and the restlessness without feeling exercise-y. Plus, you can't smoke when you're being "bendy"

As for meditation - there are SO many different techniques, you have to find one that you think would suit you. Mine uses incense. But if that would make you want to smoke, you'd need to find another.

Easy enough to find free meditation guides online.

Good luck!

Kelly said...

That is wonderful that you have quit and on a date that the Almanac suggests! Very cool.

Thanks for suggesting yoga. I need to start a good exercise program too so that when I quit, I don't put on any pounds. I will check it out.

Keep up the great quit! Thanks again :)

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I can not live without smoking. But I try to quit smoking. Every time I fail to do this. May be hypnosis is great way to quit smoking. I will try once.

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Wilton Winrow said...

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