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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Roses Remedies and Realities

Well here I am day whatever and still not smoking, yipee for me! I'm going to the gym, not having my evening cocktail, eating healthy, blah blah blah. I should be doing jumping jacks.
I quite frankly don't feel like it. No Roses here, I miss whatever I thought I enjoyed, although everyone in the world spent millions telling me I didn't enjoy it. My mother who quit over 25 years ago to this day occasionally wants a cigarette! But by damned I made the decision to quit and this time, I'm going to stick to it. Resolve - WOW!

Remedies - The bottom line is there isn't any one remedy that will make quitting any easier. I like to skim the blogs at night to read about others trials and tribulations or quit smoking schemes as I call them. They read like an old traveling salesman selling snake oil!

I am using Chantix, it's worked for me. Cold Turkey works for others, cutting back works for some, smelling old butts, smoking 3 or 4 packs at a sitting, the list goes on and on. No one miracle cure for a disgusting habit.

Reality check - You the quitter has to decide that you WANT to quit. ARM yourself with what you think will work for you. Make up your mind and just go for it.

Give up your triggers, talk to yourself - have pep rallies by the minute if you have to better yet by the second.

Prepare yourself for Bitchiness (yeah I'm using that word, not "crabby"), Short Tempered, the worst type of PMS you've ever suffered in your life. Be prepared to eat more food. (food actually does taste better).

Saving Money now that's a reality I kind of like. I've decided that for every week I do not smoke, I'm going to reward myself with $30.00, that's approximately what I spent each week on my nasty little habit.

When I get off the $75.00 worth of medicine I'm taking monthly for HBP and Low Cholesterol medicine - there's another savings.

BUT wait, I'm spending $50.00/month on Chantix and $35/month on going to the gym.

I should still come out to the good by about $100/month give or take.

Post Quitting Reality Check - I'm tired most of the time, I'm suffering from insomnia and I feel like I could hack up a lung. But I'm hoping this too shall pass with time.

Roses it aint but by quitting they sure do smell better!
Remedies that work for you the individuals,
Realities - it's hard as hell to quit!

Kelly/Mandy I'm rooting for you :)


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