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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New to blog

I found this blog by accident,but since I stopped smoking late last December, I got very interested in reading the posts, I check it sometimes more than once a day.. I emailed Kelly to try to encourage her success in stopping smoking and she emailed back from time to time to let me know how she was doing, but I didn't know how to get into the blog so she invited me and that is how I happened to be here.
I don't know how it seemed so easy for me to stop smoking I have smoked for over 45 years and at least two packs a day but one night I just decided that I have been a slave to cigarettes and decided to not use them anymore, or maybe I should say,let them use me. So the next morning as usual, I grabbed the cigarettes, but instead of lighting up, I took them all in the kitchen and put them on the frig. I didn't completely throw them out just in case I couldn't stand to not have them.
Anyway it has been a while now and I haven't had one because I pretty much know, one leads to another and soon back to my old smoky self.
And I am having some problems that I didn't have before , like the coughing and the wheezing I don't know if the night sweats are because of not smoking or not but I have them some now I don't think I am any more irritable that before but there are some effects of stopping , I am guessing those things will go away in time, I hope so anyway.
the main thing anyone that really wants to stop,, I would just say be stubborn and not give in to those triggers and I know there are lots of them ,they pass fairly quickly and as time goes on they get a lot less difficult to over come.
Of course I have times I would love to have a smoke but when I get those feelings I just say to myself, "you don't smoke any more" and I immediately think of something else and ..LOL... one thing that always helps is the though of $6.00 per day I am saving that is over $2100 per year. that makes something very easy to think of when that urge hits.
Well, I have blabbed on long enough and said very little I am afraid , but I know for those of you that really want to stop , you will be able to accomplish it, I know everyone says this.. but if I can stop anyone can.. even my kids are amazed as they though I would never stop..
Good luck.


Kelly said...

Yay Vernon! I am happy you are writing here :) So far, today has been surprisingly easy. I have had a few feelings of annoying withdrawl, but no true desire to smoke. Maybe there is something to this almanac thing after all!

gigi50 said...

Kelly you go girl, whatever works, maybe it was the lunar eclipse? whatever it was, stay on track.


MamaFlo said...

I quit 150 days ago after 36 years of being a slave to cigarettes. I used Chantix, did the full program and then tapered off myself (a month ago).
I made it through the worst of my quit with help from friends I met online, there is nothing like sharing your experiences with those that have been there, done that.
I agree that the most significant issue in quitting is changing your habits/triggers. Keep yourself occupied and change lanes when you "think" you want a cigarette.
Congratulations on staying Quit!

NinjaCowboy said...

...and you should be happy that you're coughing & wheezing (and likely hacking up all sorts of gross muck) - it's a sign that your lungs are healing. They are finally regenerating and clearing out all the crap you spent years putting into them. It's not pleasant, but (for me, at least) knowing what's really going on there makes it much easier to deal with...

ringleader said...

That is great. Your story of quitting is very close to mine as I quit a 2 pack a day habit cold turkey. When I quit I didn't put them away I carried two open packs in my pockets for 2 weeks before I put them away. I now have almost a full carton in my freezer that I have no intention of ever smoking. It would be a full carton except my brother lifted a pack of mine when he ran out. I do still have a really hard time when I smell a good cigar burning. But I managed to last through that and now am for the first time since I was a teenager about 35 years ago totally smoke free. No snuff or chewing either.

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