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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who Wants To Quit Smoking February 21st?

Tomorrow is February 21st. According to the almanac, that is one of the days in February that is a good day to quit smoking. A supportive friend suggested checking the almanac because a lot of people swear by it.

So far, Mandy and I are quitting tomorrow. I thought I would throw it out there to anyone else that wants to quit smoking. Sometimes it is easier to quit when you know other people are doing it at the same time. As they say, misery loves company!

If you would like to join us tomorrow on our quest for better health, let us know by commenting here. Actually, why not become part of the community too? There can be up to 100 writers on this blog. I would love to see this become somewhat of a quit smoking forum. We could all talk about our experiences and be in it together. You don't have to be a "writer" to post here. Heck, I am not a writer, I just play one on the internet! Let me know if you want to write on the "forum" too and I will get you in.

Thank you Deanne for your well wishes. You sound like you are doing great! Your attitude and sense of humor will get you through it.


the mission: said...

I am with you, lets do it.

Kelly said...

Excellent! Welcome to the quitters group, lol. Hey, let me know if you want to write here too and relay your quitting experience.

Health, Fitness, Science said...

hmmm, I quite 15 years ago and I feel great... Good luck...

Kelly said...

That is wonderful! Thank you :)

gigi50 said...

Go for it Kelly and Mandy and the Mission. I'm rooting for you

NinjaCowboy said...

I have been a non-smoker for 27 days now (still don't think of myself as one yet though. Wonder how long that takes...)

I was using the patch for almost 2 weeks, but it gave me heart palpitations and my doctor told me not to use it. So has been all willpower since then. So far, so good. It only really seems hard on the weekends.

I just told my mom 3 days ago (we only talk about once or twice a month because we work opposite schedules)

Just hearing how proud of me she is is more than enough to keep me going for now. I hear that every day from my boyfriend, and it helps, but he was never a smoker, so it doesn't mean as much coming from him.

But my mom smoked for about 10 years longer than I have before she quit a few hears ago. She knows how hard it can be. And knowing that she has faith in my ability to do this means SO much more than it would coming from anyone else.

But having the daily support & reassurance from by bf is a tremendous help too.

I wish you all luck in this. And hope you are as lucky as I am to have supportive people around. And if not - use *US* here online for support. That's what we're ALL here for, after all :)

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