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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Named In Ten Health Blogs to Watch in 2008

Here is what he had to say about us:
"Kelly wants to quit smoking, and she wants you to join her. She's smoked for 21 years, and she's only 33. She started blogging at the beginning of the year, and became a quitter a few days later. Anyone who's tried to quit knows how difficult it is, and if they're trying again, they don't have to be alone. Kelly's already coping with the familiar triggers, and is undergoing some hypnosis for assistance. She's sharing the bumpy ride with others in hopes that it helps them too, let's hope the road gets smoother along the way. We wish her
good luck."
Thank you for the good wishes and the inclusion in your article. I would also like to thank my Quit Smoking Together partner Mandy for all of the time and effort she has put in here.


Anonymous said...

I also smoked for many years and tried to quit.
The only thing that worked for me, was to ask myself, "WHO IS IN CHARGE HERE" and get really mad knowing it wasn't me at that time.
This is your one time through life. YOUR NOT COMING BACK. This is your only opportunity to do the right thing. YOU HAVE NO SECOND CHANCE. The longer you smoke, the shorter you live. Don't you want to see what's in the future?
Look at what's been invented in your lifetime, you can't even imagine what's in the future.
I wanted to see for myself. So I quit.
Doesn't it piss you off that others quit and you didn't? A little TOUGH LOVE HERE. Be in control of yourself and don't let that THAT VOICE YOU HERE talk you into having just one puff. Even 5 years after, I was wondering what it was that made me want to smoke, I knew it was the "thought" that wanted me to try it again. It takes about 4 weeks for the fumes in your home to subside and a few days for your breath to clear. It only takes one washing for your clothes. You'll make more friends.
Do it, you'll like yourself more. You'll even try to help a friend to quit "like I'm trying to help you". Be one up on them and help them before they try to help you.
Get mad and quit.

Kelly said...

YES, it makes me very mad that I am not in charge! I wonder all the time why it is that I can't control my own mind when it comes to smoking. And... that Voice! Yes, I know the one you are talking about. I hate that voice. Okay, good pep talk you gave! Thanks for the tough love, great words of advice :)

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