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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Write About Quitting Smoking

Hello. Do you want to quit smoking? Have you tried many times only to go right back to the addiction?

Have you already quit smoking? Do you have valuable advice to share with others still struggling with the habit?

If you answered yes to either of these questions and enjoy writing, then we want you! All of us here either smoke and want to quit, or used to smoke but have already quit. We write about the struggles and the nicotine addicition. We share different methods to stop smoking. We support and commiserate with each other's stories.

If you would like to write for this blog and be a part of this effort, please contact me at kb@kellfinder.com. Please put "quit smoking" in the subject line. Thank you!


Viveca said...

I’d smoked for 27 years and had given up quitting. Friends would assure me that “someday you’ll stop” but I didn’t believe them. Then came 2001 .... I spent that year bumping into, sitting down next to and lining up behind people on oxygen.
Then came 9/11 which wiped out my business and dramatically slowed down my lifestyle. Then there were those weekly appointments with my therapist who had emphysema …

Long story short, I got the hint and gave up the smokes on New Year’s Eve, 2001, at 11:00 p.m.

Two things that really helped me stay off the smokes (I have not smoked since) were
1) The thought that “nothing matters more than breathing and
2) The promise that I can smoke again when I am 75 if I really want to (on bad days that would drop down to 65 but never lower!)

Keep up your great work and I am happy to find your BLOG. I will pass it on to others.


Kelly said...

Thank you. Congratulations on quitting. You are right, nothing matters more than breathing. I will keep that one in mind.

Rob said...

3 weeks on chantix, then throw the butts out. It won't be hard. gove left over meds to someone you care about, I gave mine to my son and he quit, too

Kelly said...

I have heard a lot of positive things and quite a few negative things about Chantix. I am really glad it worked for you! Keep it up :)

fennielyn said...

It's been 13 years I think since I took my first puff (and that was out of sheer rebellion coz I hated the fact that my dad smoked and being a silly but spiteful 18 yr old, I just gave in to dumb impulses)and have not been able to quit ever since. I don't think I've been trying hard enough though. Sometimes even when I don't have the urge to smoke, I still do! I can't tell you how many ciggies I've wasted by just smoking it half way through. I wish they made them like half the length of what they are now. The only motivation that makes me want to quit is how it serioiusly ages you prematurely and even promotes hair loss. :O In a bid to stop the free radicals from destroying all my cells, I've been consuming a ton of anti-oxidants and EFAs but I really don't think that's going to help too much if I don't quit soon. Damn I really like smoking, it's like my *me* time ya know? :(
Whenever a friend asks when I'm gonna quit, I can only say, " I do quit, every night when I go to bed, just to pick it up again when I wake up. :( It's more evil and addictive than drugs! bah.
Here's to a stronger will and determination to us wannabe quitters! :)