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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Side Effects Think about it

I've been catching up. Think about side effects like this.

When you smoke there aren't any perceivable side effects (that the smoker sees) BACK OFF all you reformed smokers - I'm going somewhere here.

The minute we stop we begin to look for what? Side Effects blaming the pills, patch, whatever crutch we've chosen to help us get there.

Perhaps the side effects are just from quitting?

Being BITCHY, SNAPPY, GRUMPY, GASSY, CRAPPY, SLEEPLESS, HUNGRY (god I sound like the 7 dwarfs all rolled into one) I probably snuffed Snow White but just don't remember doing it.

Sleepless = not sleeping, insomnia, tired, cannot get enough of the infomercial world until the early early edition of the news shows up around what 3:00 am

Gassy = OMG you would think I'd eaten enough pinto beans to be my own blazing saddles!

Crappy = crappy taste in my mouth YUCK

Hungry = I could eat the kitchen counter some days, silestone isn't good for one's digestive system

Bitchy/Snappy/Grumpy = well those are all self defining now aren't they?

Positives (that I've noticed)

My skin looks 100% better
I don't have to have waxing done as often
Food tastes better
Those wrinkles around my mouth are diminishing
My voice is different clearer, less raspy (I don't sound like that woman on Beetlejuice anymore)
Cardio isn't a dirty word anymore
My sense of smell seems better
No Sinus infections
Yellowish tint to my fingernails is gone

Enough Ranting for Now


Kelly said...

Wow, quitting smoking sounds so appealing when you put it that way, lol! I guess it is the price we have to pay to get our bodies to forgive what we have done to it for so many years. I like the positives that you listed, they are a good bright side :)

shirley said...

Incredible post. Totally understand. Very expressive and clarity to the moment, e.g. telling it like it is.;)

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Abela said...

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Timothy said...

I also had a hard time quitting smoking. My dentist in St. Petersburg advised me to stop smoking, because I'll be undergoing treatment next year. My first week without cigarettes seemed like hell for me. I always craved from sweets, and I'm afraid to get bigger or fatter. Thankfully, my friends encouraged me to join their activities like frisbee so I can burn the calories that I take. When I visited my dentist in St. Petersburg (FL), we saw an improvement in my gums.

ROCKY said...

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electric cigarettes said...

I am losing my breath after 1 hour since I am addicted to smoking. And the yellowish color of my teeth is just not normal plus the tar-tar and plaque sticking on it.

how to quit smoking said...

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Dan Winger said...

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Mitchelle Adams said...

Congrats! I'm glad there's another person who finally quit somking and seeing the good that comes w/ quitting :)

cigarette smoking said...

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Atmos said...

To quit smoking really sounds so nice as it has a lots of side effects or can say it has only side effects. We are pushing our life to destruction by using cigs and the most bad effect of it is lung diseases it get. Even if one wants to enjoy smoking and at too at no harm then using vaporizer device can help in it.

vaporizers said...

Quit smoking is a tough job and it becomes challenging to give up smoke at starting but it will improve the life and add years to life.

quit smoking said...

Well...I think Hypnosis is the best way to quit smoking instead of using pills or something else.They may have many kinds of side effects but hypnosis is not at all pertain any kind of side effect.

weed vaporizers said...

Yeah that is agreed that till that time you are into smoking you don't even realize is its side effects but as soon as you think of giving it or actually gives it that time you will feel problem so do it in a proper way and it will not be that hard.

Health Info said...

Quitting smoking is tough but they way that you word it gives me a much greater chance to succeed. Thanks for sharing.

Steven said...

Cigarette smoking is dangerous in terms of material used to make cigarette like nicotine and tobacco. Nicotine is one of the dangerous drug which harms your tooth, gum and lungs and causes the disease like lung cancer, so quit smoking is the best option to protect yourself against this kind of disease.

Aroma Vaporizers said...

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Thomas Edison said...

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isabel said...

yes i totally agree with all of you guys, but think of someone who just doesn't care about the side-effects. Then what would you suggest? You know the majority of the young people,smoke because they want to look cool and "in" so they do not care about the future and they cannot think about all the health problems that may occur. So, i guess that it shound be the side-effects that make people stop smoking or even prevent them from starting it, but the understanding that it is just a bad habit and nothing more!

isabel said...


amy said...

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