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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Not too keen on those side effects

Being the hypochondriac that I am, I sure would not like the side effects of that med. And I talked to two people about smoking or not smoking actually, one is the guy that brings our shop towels , he had been a non smoker for 5 years now, and he did it the same as I did, just put them down and not let himself pick one up again, he said he thinks the only way to quit is not using the patches, gums and all the rest,, you just have to be able to tell yourself NO,,, and mean it, and stick to it .. I know that is hard to do but I kind of tend to agree with him.
Then the UPS lady was there today and she is wanting her hubby to stop smoking as he already has some copd. She mentioned the med you are taking and she said she has hear some bad things about it,, and from what you just said, I kind of think it has some unpleasant side effects. In some cases the cure is worse than the ailment..
I wish what ever frame of mind I got into that night I decided to quit would happen to you and everyone else that is trying so hard to stop smoking,, I already said this before but as much as I smoked and for as long as I smoked it was really not that difficult,, I pretty much just told myself , enough was enough and in a way I even kind of dared myself by leaving my cigarettes on top of the frig, so every time I opened the door to get a soda or anything,, there they were,, right at eye level. As a matter of fact, they are still there,, way too stale and strong to smoke now anyway.. but as I said,, I am stubborn and once I make up my mind on something I intend for it to be just that way .
I don’t know, maybe slap yourself on the cheek every time you want a smoke.. lol.. well better not.. might look like you were in a prize fight after the day was done.. lol.
I think I said I didn’t use any substitute but I think in a way I did.. I like peanuts in the shell, so I got lots of those and when I would be here at the computer I would crack and eat them, that is something that takes two hands pretty much so that kept my hands busy, if I ate canned peanuts I would still have one hand free to smoke with… I now one guy that is now hooked on sunflower seeds since he started chewing on them when he stopped smoking.
I know it seems like I am writing a book but if I and help anyone in any way to stop smoking I would love to do that, and it is rewarding to me to get to say , I don’t smoke anymore,, that isn’t to say I look down on smokers, and I never will, I feel they don’t have many rights anymore and I don’t feel that is fair at all .
Well, good luck to all . Vernon


Kelly said...

I totally agree that quitting cold turkey is best. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get it done.

I have been leary about trying Chantix because I have heard some bad stories. At the same time, I have heard more even more success stories. My doctor really pushed it on me. Then, when I found out that two of my friends were using it to quit, I decided to give it a try.

I plan to really pay close attention to how I feel. If I think it is affecting me in an undesirable way, I will stop taking it immediately. Hopefully it will provide the extra help I need to quit smoking forever. If not, I will go back to cold turkey!

NinjaCowboy said...

"in a way I even kind of dared myself by leaving my cigarettes on top of the frig, so every time I opened the door to get a soda or anything,, there they were,, right at eye level."

Actually, I think that helps. Knowing they're there. I quit when I had 3 left in a pack. A little over a month ago. They're still there. I think the panic over being out is worse than having them around. If they're there, you can tell yourself that you've gone without for however long, so what's a few more hours.

But I know other people who have quit who would not have been able to stand having them so accessible. I guess that's a personal thing whether that helps...

"I now one guy that is now hooked on sunflower seeds since he started chewing on them when he stopped smoking."

lol - I would be hooked on them by now, but they're all too salty. It was making my tongue sort of numb and sore at the same time. That only lasted about a week for me. If I could find less salty ones, though, I wouldn't feel bad. Sunflower seeds are good for you. :)

Kelly said...

I for one could not have any cigarettes laying around. They would just call my name and egg me on, lol. That is probably why I find it so much harder when my husband gets home with his cigarettes.

NinjaCowboy said...

I wonder if it's more the cigarettes being there or the fact that he smells like them. A friend of mine that smokes came over about a week after I quit. And she didn't even go out to smoke at all when she was here. But I could smell it on her coat, and it was driving me nuts!

Kelly said...

Well, I think it is both. Here is an example: I make it through a day without smoking and am doing alright. Maybe a tough craving or two but get past them. I would be able to push the thought of running out to the store to buy some out of my mind and go on my merry way. Then, hubby gets home. A craving hits almost immediately because I guess he is a trigger, lol. Although I might have resisted jumping in the truck to go buy some, it is much easier to give in when they are SO CLOSE!

Same goes for when I smell smoke on him. On one hand, there were a few times where I thought how gross it smelled. But even after I thought that, I would get a huge craving anyway. I guess it just hit the part of my brain that still craves nicotine. So he is kind of a constant trigger when he is home. I have been able to get past many of them but at some point or another, I always give in. Who knows how much better I would do if he didn't smoke, but I would have to think it would increase my chances at success.

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