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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Chantix Day 2

Here is a quick update on my Chantix journey. Today is my second day taking it. Here are some things I have noticed so far:

Side effects:

  • I feel kind of "out of it" or a little loopy
  • definite indigestion (burpy). In fact, I woke up twice in the middle of the night from sudden hiccups! That has never happened before.
  • Very flat emotions. Not happy, not sad but very.... flat.

I guess I can deal okay with these side effects. None of them are dramatic and I will just keep monitoring how this pill makes me feel.

Now, for the effect it has had on smoking:

  • Already by day 2 on Chantix, the cigarettes taste yuckier
  • I find myself not wanting to smoke the whole thing

I was planning on giving the Chantix a full week before quitting again. I have a feeling I won't wait that long. If there is no enjoyment in smoking at all, why bother? That must be the whole point of Chantix. I will keep you updated!

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