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Friday, March 7, 2008

Drug side effects

I totally agree with you about the drugs and the side effects of them, most of the ones shown on TV have more things they can cause than things they can cure.
I sure wouldn’t like what those drugs were doing to you, I once took Buspar and it worked fine then several years later I tried it and I was so woozier and shaky I couldn’t even get up with out hanging on to something, so that was the end of those, I flushed them down the pot. I know you said you aren’t a hypochondriac but I think I might be to some extent, I mean I can’t even watch a medical show on TV with out getting the willies thinking that sounds like something I have, lol. I know it is silly. But even with that, I don’t like to take meds, there are a couple I guess I do need but not a lot, the point I am getting at is I am afraid of what some meds can do to a person’s body, and they preach all the time about how bad smoking is,
I guess the really best way to stop smoking is just to make up your mind and not touch another one, and I do definitely know how hard that is to do, I still have times I would sure like to have a smoke but I just tell my self that that isn’t going to happen and with in a few seconds I have given up the idea.
I think I am actually finely starting to feel better than I did before I stopped smoking, I was starting to think I have goofed up by stopping but now since I think I finely got over what ever it was that I had, I can breathe easier and not as short of breath.
I know one thing you have going for you is you really want to stop and maybe if you think of the positive things about not smoking it might help you. Just think of all the new shoes you can buy with the money you save, lol.
You remember how much accomplishment you felt when you stopped for those 5 days? Well you can get that back again and even if you fall off the wagon again, just keep trying and if you make it longer each time then in a while you will stop completely and you will pass the point of feeling you are compelled to light up when those urges hit. As I have said lots of times, it isn’t difficult for me to not smoke, in fact one of my daughters was just here and she asked me if I was sure it was ok for her to smoke, and I said sure, it didn’t bother me at all other than it kind of stinks.
Anyway, I am glad you aren’t on those meds any longer, I can almost tell from your writing that it was messing up your disposition you seemed more aggressive or something not the way you usually write.
Ok, good luck to all.


NinjaCowboy said...

"Just think of all the new shoes you can buy with the money you save, lol."

That's good motivation too. I put $5 in a box for every day I don't buy a pack. Right now, I have $200. Seeing that $$ helps a lot. It's one thing to know what you've saved. It's quite different to actually see it.

I'm saving for a laptop so I can go back to school. Just $1800ish left to go. :)

Kelly said...

After I stopped taking both of the prescriptions, I started feeling perfectly normal again. The side effects went away so I know it was one or both of them that made me feel that way. What is really kind of scary is that I was taking them at the same time and they both had huge potential for similar negative side effects. It was a double whammie!

Vernon, I am happy to say that my normal cheery disposition is back, lol.

gigi50 said...


you will fall off the wagon and then you will fall back on.

Don't beat yourself up.

get back on the wagon and move forward!

you can do it

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